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What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the art of ornamenting fabric with needlework.

It is the perfect way to customise uniforms and creates excellent brand recognition.


Firstly, the design is setup within a special file format called DST file. The file will be used and the running sheet to tell the machines exactly how the embroidered designs should be done to ensure a perfect finish. Finally, thread colours are added to the machine and the design will be sewn by machine using thousands of stitches.

Is Embroidery for you?

Embroidery is ideal for certain mediums such as t-shirt, polos, caps, jackets, towels, bags, etc. It is preferred by corporate companies and small businesses alike, since it looks more professional. It adds an elegant touch to your corporate identity or to your own design. 

These are the advantages of embroidery,​

  • Professional appearance

  • Can be put on a wide variety of materials

  • Lasts longer 

  • Large amount of colors are available

Here are our recent embroidery works:

Why Cross Nation?

At Cross Nation, we use the best quality t-shirts and polo tees to ensure that the embroidery work looks its best. We are also using specialist in providing full digitizing and embroidery services to corporate companies, schools and many other organizations by using computerized embroidery machines.

T-Shirt Printing Malaysia KL 

Last updated on May 26, 2021

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