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At Cross Nation we love art and dream, which is why we opened up in the first place - it was a chance to witness transformation of abstract ideas into AWESOME print.

And thus, supporting teams and businesses to look great and professional with high quality customised clothing is our mission since we started shirt printing back in 2016.


We are fresh and yearning to achieve excellence just like you do. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll always do our best to find it for you. We’d love to meet you soon and get you on your way to creating beautiful masterpieces.

As a social enterprise, we are also greatly driven to support the underprivileged community by equipping the next generation with design, custom shirt printing technique, as well as embroidery. We strive for preservation through innovation to ensure a living art rather than a dying craft. So, do check out our Mission TEE! section too.

Last but not least,

If you are a team or someone who is passionate in bringing out your best and wishing to creating a positive impact to the community.

Then, dream with us.

Meet The Team

Shen, Tan

Production Manager 

Shen co-founded Cross Nation Apparel in 2016 with a vision to provide sustainable skills training and jobs to underprivileged family in Kuala Lumpur.


Prior to starting Cross Nation Apparel, Shen worked in Construction, serving as a Quantity Surveyor to several Oil and Gas projects in Southern Peninsula Malaysia. He holds a Bachelor (Hons) of Quantity Surveyor graduated with First Class Honors. He then discovered he has a great passion in art and start to explore in textile printing, when he is not developing new products, Shen spends his free time in Dancing, Drumming and Designing (His favorite 3Ds industry).


Andrea Chen

Andrea joined Cross Nation as a consultant in Marketing Communications. Her passion in Marketing and experience in communications bring her expertise in managing our social media accounts, creating content for marketing campaigns, and consulting on brand awareness projects.


When not creating contents and hanging out with the team, Andrea enjoys exploring arts and appreciates the nature.

Eason Lai

Eason is a musician who extensively involves in music recording of Faith. Hope. Love. Music Ministry.  


He is also the Photographer of Cross Nation. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business & Marketing Management. When not studying, Eason can be found holding his camera capturing beautiful moment and exploring the beauty across Peninsula Malaysia.

 Marketing Communications 

Editor & Photographer 

We are looking for brilliant and fresh talents to join us on our journey to a revolutionary t-shirt printing industry !

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