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Apparel Customization

Various of products and templates can be customized.

Our customization included, fabric sourcing, cutting, sewing and t-shirt printing services.


Check out the methods below : 

Custom Made Apparel / Silk Screen Printing / Sublimation /

Embroidery / Heat Transfer Printing

Custom made clothing

Custom Made Apparel

Looking for custom made apparels?

You have the choice to choose your material, fabric, type of apparel, sizing and so much more.

Silk screen printing Malaysia

Silk Screen Printing

This is the most popular printing method due to its cost efficiency.

It is suitable for most types of products that we carry such as T-Shirts, Polo Tees and many more.

Sublimation printing Malaysia

Sublimation Printing

It produces bold, eye-catching colours that will have any company uniform, sports jersey and fashion clothing looking superb.

File 31-12-2016, 12 38 13.jpeg

Heat Transfer Printing

This method of print is suitable to print full-coloured designs with gradient colours. 

Mission TEE !

Mission TEE ! is launched to empower the community by providing the basic needs to the underprivileged family and we wish to create a positive impact to the community

Design Services

Our creative talents are 24/7 ready to create beautiful design and enhance your company branding through our products. 

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