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🔍 Are You looking for Sublimation Printing in Malaysia?

You are at the right place! 

We specialize in Sublimation printing services in Malaysia as well as custom T-Shirt printing & apparels.

Here we have prepared some common Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) about Sublimation printing services in Malaysia to help you to speed up the process.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is a unique t-shirt printing technique where the printing ink is sublimated into the fabric at high temperatures. 

What you get is a fully all-over printed apparels with designs ink inside the fabric (smooth feel of the T-Shirt). 


It is a highly creative technique and a great option for fashion clothing and T-Shirt businesses. Sublimation printing method produces bold, eye-catching colours that will have any company uniform, sports jersey and fashion clothing looking superb.

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💡 Is Sublimation Printing for me?


If you are looking for a printing method which fits your needs listed below, sublimation printing is the right choice for you.

  • Printing photographic quality design that looks realistic and natural

  • Printing Colored-rich prints: numbering, letters, and bright interesting color pattern

Most of our apparels that we use for sublimation printing is made from Polyester, Duo Blend and Microfiber Eyelet.

If you are looking for more customization, do check with our friendly sales team to find out if they are feasible for Sublimation printing!

Tips: Sublimation works especially great for sporting jerseys!

Refer to our sublimation projects below:

💡 What is the Lead Time for Sublimation Printing of T-Shirts?

At Cross Nation, our lead-time for sublimation printing services is between 10-14 working days from the time your order is processed.

This timeline allows us to fulfill your order relatively quickly, while giving our experts enough time to produce the best quality screen print for your unique custom silk screen shirts (for eg. Sports team tees, Street wear, Events Shirts and more!)

If you require Sublimation T-Shirt printing in Malaysia, do get in touch with us so we can help make your conceptual designs a reality! 

💡 What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of Sublimation Printing?


The good news is, at Cross Nation, there is no minimum order quantity for sublimation printing!


But of course, the more you print, the lower the cost.

💡 How much does it cost?

It depends on:

  • printing quantity

  • degree of customization (e.g customized name, number...)

For example, 

If you require 30 pieces of our Full Sublimated Jersey, the cost will be RM 35 - RM 37 per piece only!

💡 Do you have long sleeve product?

Yes, we do!

We offer a wide range product for sublimation printing such as long sleeve, Muslimah, collar shirt, kids and V-neck T-shirt.

💡 Do you provide the cheapest price for sublimation printing services in Malaysia?

It has always been our mission to keep our sublimation printing pricing affordable and competitive in the sublimation Malaysia market, especially in Kuala Lumpur.

As the example above, it only cost RM 35- RM37 per piece!

It is super affordable! It’s a definitely a great start to making your very own customised shirt on a tight budget!

If you come across any other vendors that can provide cheaper option than us, do be sure to do your due diligence to check the quality of sublimation services that you’re getting.

Food for thought:

“Would you save a few cents,

but take on the risk of receiving T-Shirts that do not turn out the way you would expect it?”

💡 Why Cross Nation?

If you are looking to have high quality sublimation t-shirt printing service with affordable pricing to make your t-shirt look great, make sure to drop us a message.

We believe we provide the best quality t-shirt printing service in Malaysia! Our customers love their printed T-Shirts and they provide us with their own genuine reviews.

Contact us today, we’re always happy to assist!

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T-Shirt Printing Malaysia KL 

Last updated on  May 26, 2021

What is sublimation printing?
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