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A Greener Future: Pioneering Sustainable
T-Shirt Printing in Malaysia

At Cross Nation, we embark on a purpose-driven journey to redefine the way t-shirts are produced and cherished.


Our commitment to sustainability rests upon three unwavering pillars, guiding every thread of our operation towards a harmonious coexistence with our planet.

Sustainable Processes Behind Our Shirts


Clean Operation for Climate Protection

We aspire to reduce our machinery-related GHG emissions to 20% by 2025.

Our goal extends to replacing conventional electricity with clean solar power, lowering our carbon footprint, and setting a sustainable path for a greener future by 2030.

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Innovative Materials for a Better Future

We take action in searching for sustainable fabrics and chemical substances.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is designed to promote positive sustainable t-shirt printing practices in the entire value chain. Compliance with this code by our suppliers stands as a crucial criterion for their selection and partnership with us.

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Sustainable Production At Earth's Finite Capacity

Our commitment to ESG principles drives every aspect of our business.

We aspire to Print-on-demand. We know fast fashion is the root causes of the triple planetary crises of climate change, landfilled and pollution.

Our goal is to attain equilibrium between supply and demand in the t-shirt printing industry.

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Go Green with Us

Discover sustainable t-shirt printing services in Malaysia that champion ESG values. Our eco-friendly approach combines style and sustainability, leading the way in responsible fashion.

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