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Entrepreneurs: 3 Great Tips for You to Survive MCO

Tips to survive lock down

COVID-19 has a massive impact on the market share, and it pushes a reset button to all the industry.

As an entrepreneur who is managing your own business, you are inevitably being affected by the current situation.

Juggling between managing cash flow to ensure survival and thinking ways to adapt the to fast-changing market, we know how it feels.

One has to survive before it thrives.

Here, we will be sharing 3 tips of how you can survive Movement Control Order (MCO) productively.


Let's watch this video to know what are the tips:

1. Relearn

We all know that learning is a good thing.

Relearn is a process whereby to study the process from back end support up to the front desk over and over again.

This includes the manufacturing, logistic, packaging, ordering, and the after sale procedures.

One thing we have done during the relearn process is to enhance the customer experience.

For example, we set up Whatsapp Business to preset the message whenever the new customers approach. This helps us saving a lot of time from typing the same message over and over again.

Key note: Relearn the process, think of one small improvements that you can add on to elevate the process to work at an optimum level.

2. Self Enrichment

This is the time we can actually learn something new. Pick up a soft skill, such as, writing, designing, public speaking, and etc.

If you’ve already had the knowledge, dig deeper make it become one of your skill set.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second is now."

Key note: Pick up a new skill, invest in yourself

3. Maintain an Active Lifestyle

One way to work productively from home is to maintain an active lifestyle.

Make sure you schedule your workout routine in the morning.

When we maintain an active lifestyle, our brain release endorphins, this chemical signal, called neurotransmitter, is responsible for why we feel better when we exercise and boost productivity.

Key note: Find a practical tutorial video that really motivates you to work out.


We hope you would benefit from these 3 tips above.

It is never too late to act. Make something happen and be prepared.

Maybe you cannot print your T-Shirts with us at the moment.

But it’s okay. Don’t worry.

You might need design service for your e-flyer, e-promotion or even creating a beautiful website.

Do contact us and we will support you with our design service during this MCO.

We wish you all the best, and we will overcome this together.

Stay safe and stay at home.


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