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Event Conversations: Abdul Kadir Shah bin Sahibudeen, Director of MEDxUM 2018

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Brought to you by the Cross Nation team, Event Conversation is a series of Q&A’s that we have conducted with a multitude of talented people who are making huge differences in the respective industries that they work in.

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"I am passionate in making the nation better especially in the field of Healthcare."

Hi Abdul Kadir. Thanks for speaking to us. To start, can you tell us more about you?

Hi Cross Nation ! I am currently MBBS final year at University of Malaya, Malaysia. I was the former Vice President of Student Union in University Malaya. Appointed as the Global Ambassador of International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) in 2016 at United Nation, New York. Besides that, serves as Elsevier Student Ambassador of Malaysia in 2017. I have been actively involved in programs and events. Recently, as the Director of ‘MedxUM’, a medical conference in Malaysia.

What keeps you motivated in organizing MEDxUM?

I am passionate in making the nation better especially in the field of healthcare. The supports from family, lecturers, collegues and the team keep me motivated in organizing MEDxUM.

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"A good team is the key to success! "

That's great! What is the greatest things that you have experienced throughout the MEDxUM?

It’s when participants give feedback that they benefited from the program. Besides, it's when most of the participants and lecturers sending me messages, Congratulating our event and looking forward for the next one!

Awesome ! Next, How would you define a successful event?

By two aspects. First, it is based on the flow of the event, the professionalism, amount of sponsors, the teamwork. Second, it is by the students’ feedback where we receive a lot of positive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Furthermore, many students are looking forward for MedxUM 2019. Successful event is when we met the students' expectation!

"Successful event is when we met the students' expectation!"

Do you think beautiful T-shirts play a big part in events?

Definitely! It represent our solidarity and enhance our motivation through colors. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cross Nation for bringing success by providing shirt-printing service to our event !

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In your opinion, what differentiates Cross Nation from the other brands that you’ve used before?

I love the how they engage with us. The T-shirt material is comfortable and well-fitted ! The shirt printing service meets the expectation. We, MedxUM are looking forward to have more collaboration with Cross Nation in future!

Lastly, what advise would you give to students for organizing an upcoming event?

First, the team has to be passionate and dedicated in it. Understanding job scope and well distributed workload are crucial too. A good team is the key to success!

That's great ! Thanks for your time Abdul Kadir !

Thank you Cross Nation!

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