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Event Conversations: Peter Ng, FHL Music Ministry

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Brought to you by the Cross Nation team, Event Conversation is a series of Q&A’s that we have conducted with a multitude of talented people who are making huge differences in the respective industries that they work in.

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“It started with a group of us who see the needs of gospel in this generation.”

Good day to you, Peter Wong! Let’s start with you telling our readers a little bit more about yourself.

Hi Cross Nation! I’m currently a committee member of Faith Hope Love (FHL) Music Ministry. As one of the leaders in the team, I look forward to seeing more people to be empowered and live a life of worship through our ministry.

Sounds great! Can you tell us more about FHL Music Ministry? What is the initial motive for the establishment of this ministry?

Sure. It started with a group of us who see the needs of gospel in this generation. We hope to share gospel to this generation through media, eg. Music and videos.

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“Be humble and equip yourself as you might be the blessings to others.”

What brings you satisfaction throughout the journey?

I find enjoyment in this ministry because it is blissful to see people are once again being empowered and encouraged in their spiritual lives as well as the rebuilding of altar of prayers and worships.

In addition, I’m glad to have a team where team members are strongly bonded and being supportive for one another.

Awesome! So, what is your vision for the future of FHL Music Ministry?

I hope that we can build the altar of prayers and worships in different communities whereby more people could be guided to live out the life of worship.

In your opinion, what roles do you think t-shirts play in a team?

I think t-shirts(uniform) represent the image of a team. It enhances the team morale and strengthens the team identity.

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“It enhances the team morale and strengthens the team identity.”

What impression do you have for Cross Nation?

Cross Nation is young and energetic!

In my opinion, Cross Nation is a shirt printing company with a strong will for the welfare of communities. I’m sure you can attract more clients with your custom t-shirt printing service in future.

Lastly, what advice would you give to those who are interested in joining gospel music ministry?

If you have the calling for the ministry, be sure to get yourself close to God. Be humble and equip yourself as you might be the blessings to others.

Thanks for your time, Peter! My pleasure!

Thank you, Cross Nation!


Check out their latest released song here:

争战必因耶稣得着胜利 - 信望爱音乐事工 (FHL Music Ministry)

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