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How Our T-shirts Are Made

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Here at Cross Nation Apparel, which is originated in Kuala Lumpur, we give utmost attention to every step of our production, so that our customers like you will enjoy the best quality of service and product.

With that being said, we will reveal how we make our high-quality T-shirts with the finest materials and the best manufacturing possible below.

Proudly made in Malaysia

All of our T-shirts are produced locally in Malaysia. Quality of the T-shirts will never be compromised as we guarantee the good working standards, high skill level and fair wages in producing our T-shirts.

In addition, all the suppliers we work together with are committed and sharing a common goal with us to elevate the standards of modern clothing production.

We are keen on emphasizing the standards such as weight, softness and breathability- things that matter when we’re wearing a piece of clothing.

A simple cotton T-shirt doesn’t seem so simple anymore when you begin to trace the various steps of making T-shirts, so let’s dive right in!

6 Steps of How T-Shirts Are Made in Malaysia

#1: Knitting the Fabric

#2: Automated T-Shirt Pattern Cutting

#3: Constructing the T-Shirt

#4: Finishing Quality Check

#5: Transforming Into A Perfect Print

#6: Shipped Worldwide


#1: Knitting the Fabric

What is the material of T-shirt?

Fabric? You’re right!

Thousands of needles pass back and forth, to and from the operators to transform the cones of string into a more complex knitted item, fabric.

Besides that, the tension and density of the fabric is experimented and well-controlled to ensure it is of the finest quality.

#2: Automated T-Shirt Pattern Cutting

The manufacturing process of making T-shirts is fairly simple and largely automated. The T-shirt sections are cut by the machines to the dimensions of the patterns according to the designed styles.

Of course, adjustments are made for size differences and stylistic preferences. That’s why there is an option of ready-made and custom made shirt.

#3: Constructing the T-Shirt

The cut T-Shirt sections are then progressed to the sewing department to be constructed. It includes assembling the tubed body, sleeves, and pocket (if provided).

Finally, the labels which provide information about size, fabric content, and washing instructions are attached at the back of the neckline.

#4: Finishing Quality Check

The T-Shirt is given a final check to ensure the measurements are exact as per our customer’s request.

Each T-Shirt is carefully inspected for defects and signed for quality check before being sent to the printing department.

#5: Transforming Into A Perfect Print

The new-batched of T-Shirts from the manufacturer are now ready to be printed with the customized design as specified by our customer.

There are several ways of printing, such as silk screen, heat transfer, plastisol, embroidery, fashion reflective, and sublimation.

From our experience, the most common used shirt printing method in Malaysia is silk screen, heat transfer and sublimation.

most common used shirt printing method in Malaysia

#6: Shipped Worldwide

In the last stage, the printed t-shirts are folded, packed and shipped to its new home.

T-Shirts are shipped using Express Courier to our loyal customer, either nationally or globally.


Ready to print your beautiful and quality t-shirt?

Contact our team now! We believe that we are the best end-to-end procurement solution for you!


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